Art and Architecture by Rollin Karg
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Who said that art isn’t functional? Art gives any static location life. Glass sculptures are a dynamic, dimensional and intoxicating art form that creates a level of sophistication and aesthetic beauty… anywhere. Rollin Karg has captured the essence of form and function for homes, businesses, and large commercial endeavors.

Art and Home
Your home is a personal reflection of you and everyone in it. From large wall structures to decorative table pieces, glass art sculptures are a dramatic way to show your individuality.

Art and Business
Good business and great art can create a rich environment that is as inviting to your customers as it is motivational for your employees.

Art and Architecture
Cross-discipline collaborations incorporating art and architecture provide an opportunity to create more inspiring environments. Karg works with architects on this more forward-thinking effort in building future environments for communities and for businesses that are distinctive and make it a destination.


Watch clips of Karg and his assistants hard at work in their gallery in Kechi, Kansas.

Love For Glass
(3 MG)
Man on Fire
(4 MG)
Paper Touch
(3 MG)
Metal and Glass
(4 MG)
(1 MG)
80lbs-3ft Tall
(4 MG)