Classes and Workshops.

Blow-Your-Own Hours
Wed. - Sat. 9am-2:45pm
Sun. - 11am - 2:45pm

Take part in a long-standing Karg tradition of Blow-Your-Own. Call us at (316) 744-2442 to schedule an appointment and then blow your own piece.


You pick the design and color, then provide the breath to blow your one-of-a kind ornament.


Heart/Orb Paperweight

Create a heart or orb paperweight, choosing your design and color. Use your air to blow your glass piece.



The Thanksgiving season is here. Call us at (316) 744-2442 to make an appointment to design and blow a pumpkin for a your holiday decorations or that perfect gift for the host at your holiday celebration.


Fusion by Susan

Fusion by Susan

Susan Wright teaches about the different types of glass, techniques, and processes for fusing glass. Schedule today as we can accommodate individuals or groups. Bring your friends, family or co-workers and plan for an hour of fun.


Call Today

To reserve your spot in this 1-hour class
(316) 744-2442.

(316) 744-2442

Karg Art Glass Sam Bland


For a more in-depth glass experience join us for a workshop.
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Workshop "Paperweight"

Sit on the blower bench and learn to use the tool needed to mold hot glass into a paperweight.
2-hour workshop, Maximum two per workshop

$85.00 person

Advanced Workshop "Glass"

Must have taken the paperweight workshop prior to this.
Bring your partner to work together in creating a pair of drinking glasses.
2-hour workshop. Requires 2 people working together on one project.


Call (316) 744-2442
for more information
and to get signed up.