Karg Art Glass.

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111 N. Oliver | Kechi, KS 67067

Kechi's Hidden Gem!

Karg Art Glass

Rollin Karg, founder of Karg Art Glass, in the heart of Kechi, Kansas is just north of Wichita. The 3,500 square foot. gallery showcases artwork produced, by over 100 artists. including glass, metal, ceramics, jewelry and more.

Karg offer a diverse range of products and services, going beyond blown glass, giving you the opportunity to discover new and unique art forms.

When planning your visit leave time to wander through the gallery. and watch the artisans blow glass. (Call ahead to confirm blower will be on site.)

Rollin Karg


Gallery Hours
Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 5:30PM
Sunday | 11AM - 4PM

Blow-Your-Own Hours
Friday - Saturday | 9AM - 2:45PM
Sunday | 11AM - 2:45PM

Fusion by Susan Classes

Book Now For Your Team Building - Blow Your Own

Blow Your Owns Offered Year Around at Karg Art Glass -  Call (316) 744-2442 to Reserve Now.

Take part in a long-standing Karg tradition of Blow Your Own. Keep the tradition going or start a new one with your loved ones at Karg Art Glass. Schedule to do Blow-Your-Own ornaments, pumpkins and paperweights (Heart/Orb/Egg),  and/or a Fusion by Susan class.


Please keep in mind the following when booking.
  1. Days: Friday & Saturday 9-2:45, Sunday 11-2:45
  2. The classes take about 10-15 mins per person.
  3. Age limit: 5+

Blow-Your-Own and Fusion by Susan

Take part in the long-standing Karg tradition of Blow-Your-Own ornament, a pumpkin, and or paperweights (orb/heart/egg).

Also, offering the newest tradition, Fusion by Susan classes,.

Metal Sculptures by Rollin Karg

Though Rollin built his 40-year career creating beautiful glass art, he has retired that passion, and can now be found in the metal shop creating large scale metal sculptures.

Rollin Karg

Born in Ohio, raised in Florida, finding his way to Wichita on a football scholarship, read the story about how a 10-year-old boy floating down a river found the artistic vision that would lead him to become a world-renowned glass artist.

Memorial Glass

Work with an artist to create a piece of glass that incorporates the cremated remains of a
loved one or pet.

Karg Art Glass Dichroic Glass

Special Events

Coming Soon:
Adult Fusion Workshops
Youth Fusion Workshop
Advanced Youth Fusion Workshop